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Netcash Virtual Terminal - Credit Card Processing

Netcash acts as the intermediary between our merchant and the financial institution. We offer two distinct credit card processing services which allow our merchants to process transactions at any time without an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) terminal radio or telephone link to the bank. All our merchant requires in terms of infrastructure is access to the Internet. The services are designed for ease of use for our merchant, and cardholder security.

MasterCard   Visa

Netcash terminal

  • Netcash Terminal allows you to turn your computer into a Point of Sale credit card terminal.
  • You can accept Master and Visa Cards
  • No installation, programming or software is required for this service.
  • Simply log on to your Netcash account and manually process your customer’s credit card transaction.
  • The authorization happens immediately, allowing for real time online credit card payments to be processed.

Transactions can be processed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Netcash will provide the merchant with Card Vouchers which they can use to make an imprint of the credit card and get the cardholder to sign. These details are entered into the Netcash system for immediate authorization. The card vouchers are then returned to Netcash for processing and funds released to you.



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