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Unplugg Policy Administration

Using data and analytics to drive business value through intelligent solutions.

Unplugg policy administration is a web-based administrator package that serves the needs of funeral administrators and insurance underwriters to administer their funeral policies and has matured into an Enterprise solution.

Our software allows funeral parlours to effectively manage their clients and business operations by offering a customisable solution, to add additional services that will best serve their needs.

With Netcash Debit Order and statement integration, member collections are automatically created and reconciled saving time and improving accuracy.

Key features

Policy Payments
Create and submit Debit Orders automatically and with Netcash statement integration, reconciling policy payments are effortless.

Bank account Validation
Validate bank account numbers upfront to avoid last-minute rejected debit orders.

Tombstone management
Manage orders for tombstones.

Claims management
Using standard workflow methodologies for management of Policies.

Commission management
For both broker and agent.

Comprehensive reporting
Extensive reporting including document management.

Funeral policy management
Complete funeral policy management with SMS module.

Integrated to:

Debit Orders

Software screenshots

The history of Unplugg

The Unplugg Group was established in 2007 as a software development business and has evolved over time. The Group is made up of Unplugg Software, Unplugg Consulting, Unplugg Human Capital & Unplugg Ventures. The Group works with clients across a wide range of industries to deliver tailored solutions to meet client’s needs. Our Client engagement approach is geared to assist with crafting clearly defined strategies, roadmaps and implementation for traditional as well digital transformation programmes and projects. Delivery of solutions is orchestrated through collective industry experience of the team and partners.

Benefits of using an integrated Billing solution:

Issue an invoice for easy online payment

Send your customers an invoice from your accounting software for immediate online payment. Many of the integrated solutions allow for invoices to have multiple Pay Now payment options on the footer, including a ‘click to pay’ button.

Offer multiple payment options

Make paying more convenient for your customers so that you get paid quicker. Payment options available include Instant EFT, Bank EFT, Credit Card, Visa Checkout, Cash Payments and QR using major wallets or banking apps.

Automated reconciliation

Easily reconcile your invoice payments to accounting software off a single Netcash statement. Save time, increase accuracy and eliminate the risk of misallocation.