Visual Funeral Administrate funeral Insurance

Visual Funeral – The easiest way to manage funeral policies

We offer comprehensive Funeral Plans, Value Plans, MHA Rewards™ and MHA On Hand™ to individuals, organisations and businesses specialising in tailored solutions to satisfy our clients’ requirements. MHA Financial Services is situated in Gauteng with more than 25 years experience in the funeral industry. Visual Funeral is fully integrated using Netcash Debit Orders including reporting and payment receipts.

Key features

Seamless Billing and Reconciliation
Automate and reconcile Netcash Debit Orders with Visual Funeral 3.0, integrating Netcash Statements to save you time.
Visual Funeral 3.0 is also integrated with Pay Now for seamless retail payments.

Efficient Policy Management
Handle complete funeral policy insurance from capture to claim stage, and everything in-between with SMS communication, payment history and full audit tracking on all changes.

Customisable Setup
Easily manage various insurers, premium layouts and commission structures.

Integrated Financial and Funeral Management
Simplify payroll, invoicing, funeral planning, collections and logbook registers.

Flexible Collection Methods
Besides the integrated Netcash Debit Orders and Pay Now features, Visual Funeral also offers a mobile app for field collections, as well as integration with POS printers for effortless receipting.

Comprehensive Reporting
Gain insights with over 300 extensive reports, including underwriting reports for various insurers and management graphs.

Software screenshots

Visual Funeral Landing Page

The history of Visual Funeral

Visual Funeral has been used in South Africa since 1994 by both Funeral parlours and Administrators. The system features are all inclusive and thus you get a comprehensive system that will help you grow your business. Always keep track of what is happening in your business.

Benefits of using an integrated Billing solution:

Issue an invoice for easy online payment

Send your customers an invoice from your accounting software for immediate online payment. Many of the integrated solutions allow for invoices to have multiple Pay Now payment options on the footer, including a ‘click to pay’ button.

Offer multiple payment options

Make paying more convenient for your customers so that you get paid quicker. Payment options available include Instant EFT, Bank EFT, Credit Card, Visa Checkout, Cash Payments and QR using major wallets or banking apps.

Automated reconciliation

Easily reconcile your invoice payments to accounting software off a single Netcash statement. Save time, increase accuracy and eliminate the risk of misallocation.