Streamline the collection of Debit Orders

What is a debit order

Debit Orders are a method of collecting money from a bank account with the express permission of the account holder. They are most commonly used to collect monthly subscriptions, premiums or repayments. Netcash offers a complete Debit Order Collection system, enabling you to collect recurring payments from your customers without the hassle or time-consuming admin.

Simple and efficient ways to collect money

Debit Order Collection

Flexible collection service

We offer a variety of services to suit your collection needs, including recurring and once-off debit orders as well as Same-day or Two-day services.

Electronic Mandates

Electronic Mandates

Our Electronic Mandate solutions ensure that you obtain your clients authority to debit in a compliant, secure and convenient manner

Get paid sooner

Get paid sooner

Enhance your cash flow by receiving up to 90% of your collection value paid on the day the debits are processed.

Extensive reporting

Extensive reporting

Track who has paid you and analyse your debit order collections using our comprehensive reports and statistical data.

Comprehensive collection facilities

Comprehensive collection facilities

Our debit order collection service enables collections from cheque, savings and credit card accounts.

How Debit Orders Work

  • The account holder signs an agreement with the service provider and provides them with contact and bank account details. This is known as a debit order authority or mandate.
  • The service provider uses a bank or third-party processor like Netcash to deduct the agreed amount of money from the account holders bank account.
  • Either party has the right to cancel the debit cancel the debit order but this does not cancel the terms of the sale or service provided.

What are the benefits of debit orders?

Increases cash flow

Control over when you get paid means you improve your cash flow. Getting paid on time means your cash flow will be automatically more consistent. A positive cash flow results in not needing to worry about putting any business plans and operations on hold, you can just focus on growing your business.

Safe and convenient

Debit orders reduce the need to deal with cash and improve security as all debit order processes take place electronically. Customers do not need to remember to make manual transfers. Funds are automatically deducted from their bank accounts, which is great for recurring payments and ensures you are paid on time.
A comprehensive payment report is available to track who has paid you and analyse your debit order collection success rates.

Ensures payments are made on time

Debit orders decrease the likelihood of missed or skipped payments and payments will be received on the same day every month.

More options to recover your Debit Order unpaids

Offer multiple payment options for unpaid debit orders with an SMS or email payment link sent directly from your Netcash account.

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client testimonial icon top

Netcash has been a great partner to Viva Gym, having assisted with our debit orders since we opened our first Gym. Every Netcash team member we have interacted with has been helpful and responsive, and their online systems are easy to use. Integrations are also straightforward – overall, highly recommended.

Financial Manager | Viva Gym
Jonathan Cruise

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Since 2008, we’ve experienced exceptional service from Netcash’s debit order system. It is a breeze to use, incredibly reliable, and backed by excellent customer support. For seamless and worry-free management of recurring payments, we highly recommend Netcash’s services.

Founder & CEO | Network Platforms

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Netcash provides us with seamless management of our debit orders. Their user-friendly system allows us to efficiently handle and deliver top-notch service to our clients. The support team is always available when we need assistance. We have been relying on Netcash’s services for over 15 years, and have confidently referred numerous clients to them.

CEO | IPPS Electronic Security

Netcash Software Partners

Our Software Partners have integrated our payment functionality into their software to simplify the customer experience. The integration provides customers with seamless, secure and accurate data transfer.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any hardware, software or training requirements to use your debit order service?

Netcash is completely online and in the cloud, meaning no software installations or updates. You can access your account from any PC or mobile device provide you have internet access.
There is no onsite training requirement, our quick start guides, and relationship consultants will help you get started.

What is the difference between a debit order and a stop order?

A stop order is a scheduled payment where you instruct your bank to make several future dated recurring payments. A debit order is where you would give instruction to a third party to deduct funds from your bank account.

What is the difference between Same day and Two-day debit orders?

Two-day debit order: A standard debit order that is processed on weekdays (Mon- Fri) with an authorisation cut-off time of two days prior to the action date. Funds are available on the action date.

Same day debit order: A premium debit order service which can be processed Monday to Saturday with an authorisation cut-off time on the action date. Funds are available the following working day.

What is an abbreviated name?

This is a shortened name which is registered at the bank and reflect on a customer’s bank statement to identify who has debited their account.

Is a debit order a guaranteed method of payment?

No, a debit order could be unpaid for several reasons including but not limited to; the account holder having insufficient funds, an account being closed or a dispute meaning that the account holder requested the payment to be stopped.

What happens when you don’t have sufficient funds?

If you are not able to pay your debit order because there are not enough funds, your account will be charged a penalty fee by your bank  as well as late fees, and interest. Debit orders that bounce can negatively affect your credit profile and your credit history.

Why do I have a Netcash debit order on my account?

Netcash debits bank accounts on behalf of their clients. Netcash is mentioned because we are the processer of the debit order that was deducted from your account.

Do debit orders incur a bank fee?

The debit order fee varies from bank to bank. Some banks charge a flat fee for all transactions on a bank account and others charge for each transaction that is processed to your account.

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