Retail Payments

By providing your clients with a simple barcode, you enable payment at any one of 6000 retail outlets across the country using cash, debit or credit card.

Accepted at any of the following retail outlets:

Retail payments outlets

Benefits for your business

Scode Barcoded invoice

Barcoded invoice

SCode barcode seamlessly printed on your invoice, statements and quotes.

SMS ShortCode

SMS ShortCode

Clients can send a ShortCode to their cellphone to be presented for payment.

Multiple payment methods

Multiple payment methods

Customers can pay using cash, debit or credit card.

Country wide outlets

Country wide outlets

Customers can pay at over 6000 retail payment outlets, 7 days a week.



SCode receipts are included in your Netcash statement for easy reconciliation.

How does SCode billing work?

step 1

SCode invoice

Customers will receive a SCode barcoded invoice, statement or SCode SMS.

step 2

National footprint

Customers can take the SCode barcode invoice or SMS to any of the participating retail outlets.

step 3

Present for payment

Customers hand over the SCode invoice or SMS to the cashier at the Money Market counter or at the South African Post Office.

step 4

SCode scanned or entered

The cashier will scan the barcode or type in the SCode and request payment.

step 5

Receive payment

Customers can choose to pay using either cash, debit card or credit card – whatever is most convenient for them.

step 6

Receipt obtained

A receipt will be issued upon payment.

Frequently asked questions

Can retail payments be used as a payment option on my website?

Yes, once your customer is ready to checkout, they can select to print or SMS the barcode ShortCode. Once they’ve made payment at a retailer, we will notify you.

Does Netcash offer custom integration options?

Yes, our technical support team will gladly assist you with API information and integration support.

Do I require an account with Scode to use the Netcash retail service?

You only require a Netcash account to accept retail payments.

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